Standing Committee on Legislation

Standing Committee on Legislation



Tom Sammurtok



Pat Angnakak



Tony Akoak

Joe Enook

David Joanasie

Pauloosie Keyootak

Steve Mapsalak

Simeon Mikkungwak

Paul Okalik

Emiliano Qirngnuq

Allan Rumbolt

Alexander Sammurtok

Isaac Shooyook


Committee Staff

Committee Clerk: Stephen Innuksuk

Research and Policy Analysts: Alex Baldwin, Siobhan Moss and Karen Aglukark

Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel: Michael Chandler


The mandate of the Standing Committee on Legislation is to:

 Consider legislative proposals;

  • Consider Bills referred by the House after Second Reading, pursuant to the Rules of the Legislative Assembly;
  • Consider regulations that are proposed and/or passed by the government;
  • Make recommendations to the Government of Nunavut concerning the integration of Inuit Societal Values and Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit into the laws of Nunavut; and
  • Consider any other matter referred by the House.