September 16, 20215


Orders of the Day

5th Assembly    2nd Session

Iqaluit, Nunavut
 September 16, 2021
1:30 P.M. ET

1. Prayer

2. Ministers’ Statements

3. Members’ Statements

4. Returns to Oral Questions

5. Recognition of Visitors in the Gallery

6. Oral Questions

7. Written Questions

8. Returns to Written Questions

9. Replies to Opening Address

10. Petitions

11. Responses to Petitions

12. Reports of Standing and Special Committees on Bills and Other Matters

13. Tabling of Documents

14. Notices of Motions

15. Notices of Motions for First Reading of Bills

16. Motions

17. First Reading of Bills

18. Second Reading of Bills

19. Consideration in Committee of the Whole of Bills and Other Matters

  • Bill 75, An Act to Amend the Summary Conviction Procedures Act

20. Report of Committee of the Whole

21. Third Reading of Bills

22. Orders of the Day



Bills Before the Standing Committee on Legislation

Bill 52, Nunavut Petroleum Products Commission Act

Bill 54, An Act to Amend the Revolving Funds Act

Bill 56, Liquor Tax Act

Bill 76, An Act to Amend the Northern Employee Benefits Services Pension Plan Act

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