About Youth Parliament

What is it? 

Well, have you ever wondered what an MLA is? What they do in the Legislative Assembly, or how bills are made into law?youth parliament 2006 small Do you have concerns about what is happening in your community? The Youth Parliament is an opportunity for you to play the role of your Member of the Legislative Assembly. And, most of all, have fun!

What will we do? 

  • Tour the Legislative Assembly
  • Take part in workshops to learn about the role of Members of the Legislative Assembly
  • Assume the role of Speaker, Premier, Ministers and Regular Members
  • Draft Members' Statements, Oral Questions and Ministers, Statements
  • Take part in a full day youth sitting in the Legislative Assembly

When is it? 

The next youth parliament will take place the week of date to be determined in ...

Who can apply? youth parliament 2008 small

Anyone enrolled in High School in Nunavut.  

How do I apply? 

For more information about the Youth Parliament, please contact: 

Cindy Rennie 
Public Affairs Officer 
Legislative Assembly of Nunavut 
PO Box 1200 Iqaluit, NU 
X0A 0H0

Email: crennie@assembly.nu.ca 
Ph: 867.975.5156

Students outside of Iqaluit can call toll free: 1.877.334.7266 or talk to your social studies teacher.

Where is it?

Iqaluit! Nunavut’s Capital

Where will we hold Youth Parliament?

The Legislative Assembly of Nunavut