Standing Committee on Legislation

Joe Savikataaq

Janet Pitsiulaaq Brewster

Bobby Anavilok
George Hickes
Joelie Kaernerk
Mary Killiktee
Solomon Malliki
Karen Nutarak
Daniel Qavvik
Joseph Inagayuk Quqqiaq
Alexander Sammurtok

Committee Clerks: John Quirke and Stephen Innuksuk
Research and Policy Analysts: Alex Baldwin, Siobhan Moss and Nathalia Okalik
Law Clerk and Parliamentary Counsel: Michael Chandler  

The mandate of the Standing Committee on Legislation is to:

  • Consider legislative proposals;
  • Consider bills referred by the House after second reading, pursuant to the Rules of the Legislative Assembly;
  • Consider regulations and other statutory instruments;
  • Consider any other matter referred by the House.